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The festival takes place on November 13th-15th 2020 in Tartu and Luunja.

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The festival is mainly meant for young people or those, who feel young. Our wish is to show that exploring the depths of folklore is not boring, but on the contrary, can sometimes be very exciting and experiencing. Also, the festival will help us identify ourselves, answer questions such as: “Who are we? or “Why are we the way we are as a nation?”

Although the festival emphasises good quality concerts, the slogan: “Keskpõrandale kokku!” invites everyone to participate on the dance floor! Let us get together, delve into the beautiful heritage of our ancestors, think about our roots, and finally have a great party after the main concert on Saturday. All of that precisely in November, which has traditionally been the time for the young people to gather. Being the organisers, we want to hope that such groups will arise more and more all over Estonia and the theme of folklore will become as popular as it is in Latvia and Lithuania, our neighbouring countries.

Last year’s main performers were four folk groups from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Many guests from other Estonian folk groups performed at the party in Luunja as well.


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IV TARTU FOLKLORE FESTIVAL 15th – 17th november 2019

Main Concert in Main Stage


Festival’s main performers are the groups, who are there from the beginning until the end of the festival (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). There will be shorter and longer concerts (40 minutes, 20 minutes, 15 minutes and so on). It is compulsory that the performers wear (preferably their own region’s) national costumes.

The groups should consist of an equal number of boys and girls. The organisers of the festival provide food and accommodation, as well as different ways to spend free time. Groups, who wish to become main performers of the festival, have to present a short introduction of themselves, a description of their programme and some sample videos of their repertoir.

Green Stage


The green stage is the place, where young enthusiasts and other people interested in folk music can put themselves to the test. There the national costumes are not compulsory. Performances on the green stage will take place during the break in the main day’s gala concert. People wishing to perform on the green stage have to pre-register.

Dance Club


The festival’s main day ends with a folk dancing event. The main groups taking part in the festival will introduce the dances of their region. The event is also for other young Estonian musicians, who have experience with organising such folk dancing events, and of course everyone is welcome to come and dance! National clothes are not compulsory. The musicians, who wish to play at the event have to pre-register.

Cellar Stage


The Cellar Stage is situated in the cafeteria of the festival „Captain’s Cellar“ and is meant mainly for solo performers or duos. National clothing is not compulsory. Pre-registration is needed.

Free Stage


The free stage The main day of the festival ends at midnight. After that the party can run its course spontaneously.

It is possible, of course, to participate in the festival without performing as well!

School Concert


The festival begins with concerts in different schools in Tartu, where the main performers, folk groups, perform.

Final Concert in Estonian National Museum


The final concert with the folk groups that participated, takes place in the Estonian National Museum.

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The main organizer of the festival:

Halliki Pihlap

E-mail: halliki@pihlap.ee


Helin Pihlap

E-mail: helin@pihlap.ee

Tel: +372 56247653